Introduction to structured products

Introduction to structured products

Structured products are mechanisms that can offer good alternatives for optimizing the risk/return ratio. 

In order to help you better understand this type of solution, our partner Netinvestissement proposes to explain the advantages of this little-known asset class in this article The 10 main advantages of structured products.

You can also read "Why and how to invest with Equitim: Equitim financial investment". This article was written by an experienced wealth management professional from Netinvestissement.

These structured products built by Equitim offer a particularly interesting risk/return ratio. Equitim bases their construction on an opportunistic and dynamic strategy as it perceives and analyzes the entire market and all issuers of structured products.

This multi-faceted strategy, which covers a range of investment vehicles (e.g. equities and bonds), sectors (e.g. banking, technology, healthcare) and geographical areas (e.g. France and Europe), is the key to Equitim's expertise and makes it an essential partner for Netinvestissement.