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Regulatory information

Before making any investment decision, it is important that you understand that certain investments present important risks related to market fluctuations for instance. We thus strongly advise you :

  • to consult regulatory information that Equitim can put at your disposal upon simple request,
  • to get assistance from an expert if you feel that your technical knowledge is insufficient,
  • to contact your financial consultant who will help you chose products and services that are adapted to your personal situation and will explain their availability and the contractual conditions.

The value of a share or of any financial instruments can be affected by fluctuations on listed markets as well as those of securities or specific financial instruments. All investments present a risk of loss of capital.


Procedure for selecting issuers within the framework of investment or of RTO

The present document pertains to the execution of article L533-18 II of the Monetary and Financial Code, especially the execution of Equitim’s obligations of best selection.

I.         Definition

The term « issuer » in this procedure refers to an investment bank with which Equitim has signed a contract for brining new business : issuers referenced according to the corresponding procedure.

II.        Regulatory obligations

Equitim is obliged to :

  • make all reasonable efforts to obtain the best result possible for its clients (RGAMF, art. 314-75 IV). This obligation is fulfilled by using the procedure regarding entering into a business relation with a new issuer, bids sollicited upstream and through an annual monitoring of issuers.
  • Draft a procedure of best selection and reference « authorised » issuers (RGAMF art. 314-75 V). This obligation is fulfilled by drafting the present document. The list of authorised issuers is attached in appendix 2 of the procedure pertaining to the « Referencing and evaluation of issuers ».
  • Publish the present procedure on the website (RGAMF, art. 314-75 V).
  • Examine once a year, or more if necessary, the current procedure and the quality of execution of the issuers (RGAMF, art. 314-75 VI, P-R AMF 2014-07 5.1, 5.2, 5.4). Equitim’s internal audit programme provides for updates in the procedure and in monitoring the issuers.
  • Ensure that the issuers have an obligation of best execution (RGAMF, art. 314-75 V et P-R AMF 2014-07 4). This obligation is fulfilled since Equitim only works with authorised European establishments.

Equitim also informs you that orders that are transmitted are not executed on a regulated market or on a multilateral trading facility. Thus, there exists a counterparty risk in case the issuer defaults. This could result in a loss of the amount invested (P-R AMF 2014-07, 4.2).

III.        Perimeter of the procedure

Equitim has to select an issuer in the following cases :

  • in the framework of is activity pertaining to dedicated structured products : Equitim, after having designed a structured product upon a partner’s request, launches a bid sollicitation for selecting the issuer.
  • In the framework of its activity pertaining to marketing its general products : Equitim, after having designed a structured product at its own initiative, launches a bid sollicitation for selecting the issuer.
  • In the framework of its activity pertaining to the intermediation of products on the secondary market : Equitim, after having researched on the different structured products that are available, selects the issuer and transmits the order.

IV.        Selection

4.1.       Activity pertaining to dedicated structured products 

4.1.1  Bid sollicitation

Prior to each bid sollicitation, Equitim undertakes a pre-selection of referenced issuers that are likely to respond, according to the following criteria :

  • The issuer’s capacity to respond to fixed restrictions
  • The type of product
  • Equitim’s knowledge of the issuer
  • Whether the issuer is referenced with certain insurers or not
  • The fact that issuers are more or less competitive in certain types of products.

The partner’s account manager at Equitim :

  • drafts the bid sollicitation based on the model attached in the appendix,
  • sends it to pre-selected issuers and
  • gathers all the bids.

4.1.2.    Selection

The issuer is selected by the account manager amongst those having responded to the bid sollicitation according to the following criteria :

  • The bid (return / protection)
  • The quality of the issuer (S&P, Moody’s and Fitch ratings, and CDS levels).

In the scenario where these criteria seem insufficient, Equitim will also take into account the quality of the after sales service : reporting, availability.

Exceptions made to the bid sollicitation procedure have to be documented (the account manager drafts a summary of the issue by email) and approved by one of the directors prior to issue so as to ensure that the selection responds to Equitim’s obligation to act honestly, fairly and professionally.

4.1.3      Approval

Once the selection is made, Equitim asks the partner for approval.

4.2          Activity pertaining to marketing general products 

In this case, the entire selection process is handled by Damien Leclair.

4.2.1      The bid sollicitation

The bid sollicitation is realised using the same procedure as detailed in the previous point.

4.2.2      The selection

The selection is made using the same procedure as detailed in the previous point.

4.3.3      Approval

No approval is required from the partner in this case.

4.3          Activity pertaining to the intermediation of products on the secondary market

The product and the issuer (or issuers) are chosen after a thorough analysis of the characteristics of the product in relation to the price proposed by the issuer, taking the following criteria into account :

  • Share price variation compared to the initial share price
  • Price variation compared to the initial price
  • Due date for accrued coupon
  • Distance with the knock-in level
  • Size that can be purchased

Equitim can suggest several issuers to the client and the latter may choose from the list. The partner’s approval is formalised by sending the subscription documents signed by the client.

V.             Compliance control

A compliance control is done on one bid sollicitation per quarter.

VI.            Regulatory sources

Code Monétaire et Financier (the French Monetary and Financial Code)

  • Art. L533-11
  • Art. L533-18

Règlement Général de l’AMF (the AMF General Regulation)

  • Art. 314-3 et 314-75

AMF Recommendation 2014-07 dated 05/08/2014 : Guide for Best Execution

Claims processing

This procedure is drafted in application of article 26.1 of European Regulation 2017-56: "Investment firms shall establish, implement and keep operational transparent procedures and procedures for handling complaints with a view to the rapid processing of complaints sent by customers or potential customers… The complaints management policy provides clear, precise and up-to-date information on the complaints handling process. "

I.            Receipt of a complaint 

A complaint (or complaint) is any message from an existing or potential customer indicating dissatisfaction. In order to ensure the clarity and traceability of the request, complaints must be made in writing via the site contact form or by email to the customer's usual contact person. A complaint is filed at no cost to the customer or potential customer.

II.            Processing a complaint 

All complaints are immediately forwarded to the President of Equitim, responsible for handling complaints. It is he who handles the treatment. In order to ensure the equal and harmonized treatment of complaints, complaints are processed in order of receipt, except in emergencies. Equitim communicates with the client or potential client in a clear, simple and easy-to-understand manner, and responds to the complaint as soon as possible. If the processing time exceeds 2 months, Equitim informs the customer by email. The client can contact the AMF if Equitim's response does not suit him:

If necessary, depending on the complaint and on the decision of the President, the issuer may be informed.

III.            Complaints follow-up

Equitim keeps a register of complaints (Rgt 2017-565, art. 26.1), containing in particular the following information: Date of complaint Employee who received the complaint Nature of the complaint and identified dysfunctions Measures taken to resolve the complaint Date and content of the response to the client Corrective action taken: device, procedure, control, etc.

IV.            Controls
Level 1 and 2 controls are included in the control plan.

V.            Dissemination of the procedure

This procedure is posted on the Equitim website (Rgt 2017-565, art. 26.2).

VI.            Regulations

Règlement 2017-565, art. 26

1.Investment firms establish, implement and keep operational transparent complaints management policies and procedures with a view to the prompt handling of complaints from clients or potential clients. Investment firms keep a register of complaints received and steps taken to resolve them. The complaints management policy provides clear, precise and up-to-date information on the complaints handling process. This policy is validated by the company's management body.
2.Investment firms publish details of the process for dealing with a complaint. These details include information on the complaints handling policy and contact details of the complaints handling function. Companies communicate this information to customers or potential customers, at their request or by acknowledging receipt of a complaint. Investment firms allow their clients and potential clients to file a complaint free of charge.
3.Investment firms establish a complaints management function to investigate complaints. This function can be performed by the compliance check function..
In the course of handling a complaint, investment firms communicate with the client or potential client in a clear, simple and easy-to-understand manner and respond to the complaint as soon as possible.
5.Investment firms inform the client or potential client of the firm's position with regard to the complaint lodged and of the options available to it, and in particular that the client or potential client can transfer the complaint to an entity. out-of-court settlement of disputes within the meaning of Article 4 (h) of Directive 2013/11 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council (21) on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes, or may bring a civil action.
6.Investment firms provide information on complaints and the handling of complaints to the relevant competent authorities and, if applicable under national law, to an ADR body.
7.Investment firms' compliance review function analyzes complaint data and complaint handling to ensure it identifies and addresses any risks or issues.


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