Press release - EQUITIM launches an innovative index

Press release - EQUITIM launches an innovative index


Boulogne-Billancourt, January 23, 2023


EQUITIM, the leading independent brokerage and advisory firm of tailor-made structured products, launches an innovative index focused on ESG issues and BIG TRENDS.

EQUITIM has been a leader in the structured products sector for the past 15 years and is constantly monitoring the markets, observing a real trend towards responsible investment and changes in consumer habits. The numerous environmental and societal issues are creating investment opportunities, combining sustainable impact and performance for certain sectors that should benefit from a strong market in the long term.

It is with the conviction that the dynamism of these "mega-trends" markets is a powerful underlying trend that EQUITIM has decided to launch its own index: "iSTOXX® Transatlantic Megatrends ESG 60 GR Decrement 50".


1- Selected from the 300 largest caps in the Eurozone and the 500 largest caps in the US, the companies included in the index are first filtered among the best rated in terms of ESG score according to Sustainalytics® criteria.

2- Then, the index selects the 30 largest European stocks and the 30 largest US stocks generating revenues on one or more of the following four Mega-Trends:

  • DIGITALISATION, AI AND ROBOTICS : The integration of digital technologies into traditional processes continues to disrupt our economy, especially through artificial intelligence. It is predicted that by 2030, artificial intelligence will add $15.7 trillion to the global economy.
  • NEW INFRASTRUCTURE AND GREEN TRANSITION : Investing in modern, more energy-efficient infrastructure is a process that is being widely pushed by all Western governments. Energy, water, sanitation, waste management and building insulation are prerequisites for the ecological transition.
  • HEALTH AND WELL-BEING : In an increasingly demanding society, the search for solutions and services for individual and collective fulfilment has become a major challenge: health, inclusion, diversity, education, entertainment, luxury, security are all growth sectors in the years to come.
  • DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS : The share of the population over 65 years-old is increasing in all Western countries. The supply of services to retirees represents a considerable market. At the same time, Millenials are changing the way people consume and creating innovative companies.

3- The stocks are then weighted according to their market capitalisation with a maximum of 6% for each stock. The composition of the index is reviewed every quarter.

4- Gross dividends are reinvested in the index value and a fixed dividend of 50 points is deducted daily.


"The launch of the ESG MegaTrends Index is part of our commitment to provide innovative solutions to our partners and clients. We are confident that the iSTOXX® Transatlantic Megatrends ESG 60 GR Decrement 50 Index will meet the need for responsible performance sought by investors today."
Damien Leclair, associate founder, EQUITIM.

The iSTOXX® Transatlantic Megatrends ESG 60 GR Decrement 50 Index (Bloomberg code: IXTMD50 Index) is an equity market index created by STOXX® Limited and calculated, maintained and published in real-time by STOXX® Limited.

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